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What to expect in your first Capoeira class

with Grupo Axé Arizona…

Brazilian culture through movement! The first class introduces you to ginga, basic kicks, and defense movements. Subsequent classes will teach you how to put all those movements together. No Experience Necessary. Sign up today! First Class is ALWAYS free. Capoeira classes vary and are very dynamic. This is what makes capoeira such an amazing and engaging workout and art-form. There are many things to learn but the following are some things you should expect to experience during your first class. Expect to warm up with various fitness exercises such as light jogging, jumping jacks, and bear crawls. Some of these exercises will require that you bend your legs often and/or move very close to the ground. Also, many capoeira movements position you upside down, requiring you to use your hands as a support. For example, expect to do a cartwheel. You may have not done a cartwheel in years, but you may be surprised as to how quickly you pick it back up. Handstands and headstands are also a basic fundamental capoeira movement that you should be prepared to try. Some may not immediately have the balance to execute a handstand confidently – which is why there are modified movements to help you gain this necessary strength and balance. During your first capoeira class you will likely learn kicking movements requiring that you balance on one leg at a time. Again, this may be challenging but in a short period of time you’ll begin feel more comfortable and centered with these balancing movements. Flexibility is an important aspect in preparing yourself to receiving the many benefits of capoeira. Be prepared to participate in a stretching session during class. Even if you don’t stretch during your first class, it is recommended that you stretch afterwards as new students report using muscles “they didn’t knew they had”. You are no doubt excited but also apprehensive about attending your first capoeira class. Let’s face it, trying anything new can be a source of anxiety, but it can also end up being one of the most challenging and rewarding things you’ll ever do! Click here to view our class locations and times. Make sure to also follow us on Facebook to keep in the the know of upcoming events and happenings