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Contra-Mestre Camará

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Contra-Mestre Camará

Founder of Axé Capoeira Arizona

Jay Spain, or Contra-Mestre Camará, was born and raised in New York City. As a youth and young man Jay was drawn to all forms of martial arts. He has studied countless forms, and is also a Sifu in Wing Chun. As a curious young martial artist Jay was one of the first people to encounter Capoeira outside of Brazil. He immediately became drawn to the art form and fell in love with the footwork and movement. It wasn’t until 1992 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, that Jay met Mestre Barrão and became his first student in North America. He quickly earned the nickname “Camará” which means friend in Portuguese. Camará was an influence in  Mestre Barrão’s decision to stay in Vancouver and create Grupo Axé Capoeira as it is today. Today Camará is a highly valued teacher in Grupo Axé Capoeira. In the year 2000 he began teaching Capoeira in Tempe, Arizona. In 2003,  Axé Capoeira Arizona opened the first Capoeira Academy and Dance Cultural Center in the Valley. As head teacher of Axé Capoeira Arizona, Camará has developed and implemented the kids, teens and young adults curriculum to provide everyone with an alternative mean to develop confidence, encourage health and fitness, and to promote cultural awareness and experiences through Capoeira. Contra-Mestre Camará says “Capoeira is like life. Life sometimes is not fair, sometimes good, sometimes bad. The way you move is the way you think, the way you think is the way you move. So goes life. The cycles, the circles. Why is that? All around the world, regardless or race, creed, culture, or lifestyle, people rise with the sun and retire with the night. Once in the circle of capoeira, inside the roda, these answers will come.”